[Harp-L] Estrin/ mentors

I went to college in Sonoma California so the Nightcats played our town at least 4 times a year, and often I would go to Marin or SF to see them.  At 17 I was probably a very annoying puppy dog, but Estrin allowed me backstage multiple times to listen to my playing and give me advice.  I certainly considered him a mentor at the time. 
  His giving nature and the not so giving nature of other harp players and its effect they had on me led me to giving info to anyone, anytime.  If you want me to set aside an hour in my home, I will charge you for a lesson, but if we meet on the street and I've got time, I'll tell you everything I know free.
  Who are some of your mentors?  I give special shout outs to Estrin, Eugene Huggins, Andy J. Forest and Gary Primich.
  Michael Rubin

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