Re: [Harp-L] Any West Virginians?

How 'bout Kentucky?? I'm living  in upstate New York right now but the 
bluegrass state is home to me. Far's I  know they's a bunch of harp players from 
Kentucky too. There's even a Hatfield  that plays a mean harp in Lexington where 
I'm from. So I guess the Hatfields and  McCoys can feud right on.
         Rodney Hatfield can rip it  up pretty good.
                Biscuitboy Blues
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dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I've  only noticed two of us Mountain State folks, W.Va. Bob and me. I wonder 
if  there is anybody else on this list from West Virginia or nearby... Surely 
the  state that produced Charlie McCoy has to have more than two people on 
Harp -  L. 



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