[Harp-L] Re:Sugar Ray and the Bluetones

Sugar Ray and has long time blues/swing band the Bluetones will be at Black  
Eyed Sally's in Hartford, CT., this Saturday night. Ray will be using his SJ 
410  that he really is comfortable with. His phrasing, singing and on stage  
performance must be witnessed in person. His band still lays it down Right. If I 
 am lucky I may get to sit in on Cloud Cover again or do the Mean Woman Blues 
 that Sonny Terry and I did. Usually we can get the audience to participate, 
hand  clapping with the rhythm that has a hint of Hand Jive but more complex  
syncopation. We plan on shooting it with my Camcorder so hopefully we can put  
Sugar on You Tube so you all can enjoy it, and it will be on my site. He did  
tell me he TB's always except on the highs. His tone shows he listened well 
to  Big Walter when he was playing with him, then he went wild. See you  there.

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