[Harp-L] Re: Hohner Chordomonicas

Hello, Bob.
The wood-combed Hohner Chordomonicas I (10-hole, one slide), and II  
(12-holes 2 slides) were made by Hohner from a design of Cham-Ber Huang, a  
Chinese-born harmonica virtuoso, harmonica teacher, harmonica composer,  harmonica 
designer and USA citizen. They were made from the from the early  1960s to the mid 
Why was production of these unique harmonicas stopped? A guess would be  that 
they weren't popular, and 
didn't make a lot of money for Hohner.
Chordomonicas appear on E-bay about every 6 months or so. They were  made in 
the keys of  E, F, G, A, and C. I've only seen key of C  Chordomonicas for 
sale on E-bay.
The C.A. Seydel Sohne harmonica company sells an improved copy of the  
Chordomonica I. It's called the Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Chor.  It's improved, 
because it has 12 holes instead of the ten holes of the Hohner  Chordo I (the Chor 
has extended range).  I don't know how many keys are  available for the the 
Seydel Deluxe Chromatic Chor, but it's at least in  C.
John Broecker

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