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Some years ago, Rudy Hung of Hong Kong played it with recorded accompaniment on evening open mic at a SPAH convention...I forget which one but I think that it was in Detroit. As I recall, it was lively, maybe not quite as fast but cleaner and fuller. Also, Rudy read it instead of memorizing it. He is an astoundingly fluent sight reader!

Although not quite the feat of Nadruz, Rudy didn't spent 11 years on it either. Being able to read it at tempo impresses me almost as much as memorizing it. Rudy is a pucker player.

People play pieces like that for the same reasons that they climb mountains..."because it's there"...and they can.

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I just found something online that makes my mouth hurt to even THINK about!

Click below to hear the first appearance on a wind instrument of Paganini's "Moto Perpetual," recorded in Brazil in 1956 by chromatic harmonicist Eduardo Nadruz (AKA Edu da Gaita.) It took him 11 years of practice to play all 2400 notes in 3 minutes 20 seconds.

My first reaction:   "How does he DO that?"
After a couple minutes:   "WHY does he do that?"   :)

Astonishing nonetheless.

Tom Ball
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