[Harp-L] ITEMS FOR SALE (was Goin 2 California...)

Howdy all.  I am selling  harp gear in order to
finance a move. Last chance to get a great deal before
I EBay them.
 The items include :

1) 1953 Silvertone amp model 1392
2) Black label CR in the smaller brown bullet shell
     purchased from Chuck Gurney that reads over 1300k
 (sale pending)
3) Flawless Harp Fanatic 4x10 custom made by Dave Kott
4) Brown Bullet equipped with early R7 crystal

*info/pictures @ Grbullets2@xxxxxxx (will give someone
a great deal                    
  on this as there is no room for it and I really need
the $$$)
**The crystal Brownie (and Silvertone 1392)  can be
heard in action on              
    Youtube @ username:  JJ4POPE 
                         video name: "An attempt at
Little Walter's Juke".  

 Please contact me off-list if
interested..No reasonable offer refused.

Never miss a thing.  Make Yahoo your home page. 

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