[Harp-L] Thinking ousidse the Box /Re : OT guitar tunings

Hurricane sez :

If anything , these comments off topic on guitar tunings  have a bearing on the harp community and what that is is wondering  :

"  What If I did this with my harp " -----

Cross harp --- When I lay first laid this concept on a guitar player back in the 70's it opens their eyes and they smile .

Average person --- Huh ?

Look search and develop , you never know just where it might take you .

Guys who use pedal FXs on their harp ---
Some love it some hate it --

Me --

Shoot yeah ! I began doing this in the late 70's to mid 80's , not every experiment was a winner but I did find some Hendrix like feels in my grooves and sounds after I experimented with these things and more , people in the room ( dive / coffee shop or night club or what ever ) , reacted positively and gave me the feed back too .

New alternate tunings on  harp :

I have developed some stuff on the drawing boards that incorporates the " Power Chord " sound a guitar uses for RNR , CW , Blues and other electric guitar sounds . 

The power chord is 2 note chord using the root and the fifth of the chord from a triad ( Triad = basic three note major or minor chord ) to give the song a direction that an electric guitar does with out using all 6 strings . This is done because a full six string chord on and electric can sound " too full " and muddy up a " groove " . Acoustically this is true to some degree with a acoustic guitar as well being that power chords have a clear an powerful ring to them .

The point isn't guitar it is thinking like a guitar player who searches and discovers in time the advantages of 

" alternate tuning "

In over one hundred years of harmonics a truly electric or even more complex a :

 midi - electric - acoustic harp , has not been made yet .

You can get some power chord sounds on a diatonic although not as many as a guitar . (I hope some can  correct this )

There are a few ideas out there ( Turbo harps inventor and the one in England ) but none are world wide and in use yet .

We NEED this to happen to the harmonica community .

I am a play not an inventor , I do drift off in thoughts of 
invention but , I am as said primarily a performing musician on the harp as well as guitar now , I rather play thats just it .

Maybe in this list lay the foundations of such inventions , I certainly  hope so .

Any ways my wind wankers - Easy and :

Go Packers ! 

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon
Aka :


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