[Harp-L] Lighted Reed Slot Embossing Work Station

I like to tinker and work on harmonicas (among other
things), so I'm always looking out for useful tools
and ideas.  I've had successes and failures... all
part of the process (so I've been told!).

A few days ago, I was at a gathering where we had a
bunch of door prizes, and at the end there was one
prize still sitting on the table that no one wanted.

It was a lighted base for a bottle of vodka (or any
bottle for that matter) that can be used to display
the bottle on a bar or counter.

It is about 3.5 inches square, stands about 6 inches
tall, contains a florescent bulb and an electric cord
with on/off switch.  It has a translucent plastic top
with about a one inch opening in the center.

I looked at a friend that was with me and I said "Hey
that would be great for embossing reed slots!".  Of
course he had no idea what I was talking about, so I
had to briefly explain why one would want to emboss
(harmonica) reed slots... not sure that helped since
we were both laughing about getting ones reed slot

I quickly went up and grabbed it before someone else
got the same idea (yeah right!).

I haven't tried it yet, but decided to do a Google
search on 'lighted base'.

Wow!  Lots of lighted bases for displaying crystal
statues, ornaments, bottles, etc... some with
batteries, some with electric cord or adapter... and
some are very reasonably priced!

Here's just one link that has several that would work
nicely (especially the 556brd model with the
translucent top):



So shed some light on your reed-slot embossing!

Ken H in OH

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