[Harp-L] Re: Amazing Grace on Harmonica

Hello, Hazcon.
Don't forget to try the tune in 12th position (F on a C diatonic Richter  
I start the tune in G mixolydian (2nd position on a C harp, hole 1 draw). 
Then I use the tune's last note (G, hole 3 blow) to modulate (change  key) to 
C (1st pos., hole 4 blow). 
Play the tune in C. 
Then, using the C note (4 blow),I go to F (12th position, hole 5 draw), and  
play the tune there. 
Yoyu can also return to G Mixolydian, then end in C , but that may be  
playing the song too many times.
I really Like Vern's suggestion, and I'm going to try it with our harmonica  
Our Sympathies.
John Broecker

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