[Harp-L] re: Harmonica amp

I took an old silverface Bassman head, put in Tonebone tube converters
and run the whole thing through a Carvin 2X12 speaker cabinet. The
Tonebones convert the 50 watt class AB amp to a 9 watt class A in
pentode mode. Don't really know what that means exactly, but the sound
went from overly clean and a little shrill to just this deep heavy
wall of sound. 2x12s really kick butt. Lots of bass. The Carvin
speaker cab was around $250.00 with a speaker cord, a cover, and a
stand. The tonebones were around $100.00 and the Bassman head I bought
20 years ago at a pawn shop for $75.00. I get to play a 48 tweed champ
regularly and I've tried a Blackface twin. I like this amp better.

I play rock and blues mostly with a Mexican shure green bullet

You can find Tonebones here:

You just pull out the power tubes, stick in the tonebones. No rewiring
no nothing. Plug and play.

Rainbow Jimmy

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