[Harp-L] Re: NEW WEBER 8" speakers

Hi, you can look on Webervst.com for a full description of these, left  click 
under products to Speakers, then click on Vintage series. These are all  
alnico with one minutes of test time. Each list for $80 - $100. 
I have:
3  of the 8A125   = Jensen P8Q - $45 each plus  shipping
1  of the beefy 8A150  $55 plus shipping
1  of the 8A125T, the multi ribbed version of the Jensen P8Q. $50 plus  
Speakers will be shipped UPS with insurance. Tracking number will be  
supplied. Upgrade your cheezy older 8's. Weber will tell you in the description  if 
they will fit in a champ.
Also selling 2 Quam vintage speakers with original cones, tested fine,  no 
cracks or repairs. Equal to a Jensen P10S .   $90 for the  pair
Everything vintage will go. I have a tremendous amp for sale, from the Sano  
line, an Excellsior C25 that is great for both harp and guitar. Speakers are 2 
x  C10P original cones, tested fine. Tremelo/vibrato works in channel one, 
the best  channel. One input is great for harp, one is super hot for guitar. 
Channel two  works fine but is not optimal. This amp has been thoroughly serviced 
by my  former 410 builder, Keith Robb, and is dead quiet. Probably early 
60's. They are  Jensens but this is the first time I have seen them with the 220 
code, I think  is 550 or something. They do say Jensen C10P on them. Amp was 
recovered, not so  great but ok. For a perfect, serviced harp blaster of an amp, 
$500. Monster  guitar amp in input two. Shipping extra, weight is around 48 
pounds, not that  bad. It does not say Sano, but I did some research and found 
out it was an  offshoot of it. Very rare amp. 
To be clear, after gigging on Saturday with a ridiculously loud band, who  
stated they were Low Key, the 410 will continue to be made as long as I am able  
to function. I brought the Cruncher and would have needed to put it on a 
stool  so I could hear it, the floor and the band sucked it up. Thanks Richard for 
the  referral, great guys, great players, I will not say anything negative 
about  them, but my kidneys hurt after 3 grueling sets where I did not hear one 
note I  played clearly. Most guitar players do not know how to mic a harp amp, 
you need  to back down the treble and mids, the amp had plenty of bottom but 
was stuck on  the carpeted riser, which is fine if you want to play in a small 
to midsized  room with the band at lower volume. So I will market the 
Cruncher as a great  midsized to small room amp. In my facility it could be heard 4 
houses down with  all the doors closed. I will keep my prices competitive with 
what else is out  there, as I have streamlined some of the production, NONE of 
the parts have been  sacrificed for the 410, still great volume and tone, 
still NOS paper in oil  capacitors, which for THIS amp anyway, I truly believe 
makes a difference.  At least 10 guys with original bassmans that had either 
orange drops or  mallories or just bad Astrons did a complete 9 cap tone change 
along with  whatever other non tone related repairs, and every one said they 
could hear a  huge difference in projection, warmth and feel. Gabriel Uri did 3 
of his  originals and would testify to this. Thank you. Sonny Jr. 

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