[Harp-L] Tips for Sweet Georgia Brown?

Hi, all.
  Got a chance to play with a small jazz band's rehearsel the other night, and I am hoping that I am asked back to play again someday.  If that happens, I want to be able to knock them out when they play Sweet Georgia Brown, which is one of their favorite songs to play. 
  Now, I can fudge my way through a solo (if I rely heavily on the melody), when they give me a nod in the middle of the song, but my question is, what should be done for the rest of the song? I am assuming the harmonica should not play over the singer, So, is it handled just kind of like a blues song? Throw in a lick after the singer finishes a phrase? That kind of thing? 
  Anyone who has played this song in a similar situation have any tips? The band consists of bass, guitar, drums and vocals, and I am playing a Bb harp in second position.
  Thanks, all!

Miguel Weissman <harpburn2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I was wondering if someone from harp-l would be
interested in
together a small 4 piece blues band for a July
dance, unfortunately it's pay scale is low for
were trying to pay each band member around $50
but the opportunities could be great in the

The problem with putting a dance like this
together in
NYC is the charge for renting space is
Iâ??m involved with this project how heartedly
and will
help with song selection and tricks to tempoâ??s

Kelly and Cody are national dance competitors and
dance teachers. Here is a way to get your foot in
door of an international scene that could be very
lucrative. The Cangelosi Cards are involved with
scene and travel all over the country getting
well for there 3 and half years of efforts.

Here is a link to Kelly and Codyâ??s web site
Miguel Weissman

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