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You would have had to have followed the whole thread. It had to do with a request to find the quick and dirty method for working on harps to get the most bang for the buck. (In other words the most results with the least ..or more possible to DO..methods.

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HUH?????? No clue what this is about.....anyone???


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Ok just checked out u tube Jason Ricci
I have been  down this road  before with Ski Racing
The winners tuned there own  equip.

As in just about everything. When I was into archery, I made my own bows. When shooting, I reloaded my own ammunition, when racing SCCA, I worked on my own E production Sprite. It's like working on harmonicas. I have always said that if you don't do (a lot of) your own work, it could cost you a small fortune to PLAY harp.

On Totems we used hand made tools tradesman ect------slow Gimme me power tools /save time

Power tools are ok, but for working on harps, it's best to use your hands and a lot of finesse.

go 2 the 10 hole site/Howard Levey dvd ect learn "tricks of trade" 4 tune ups and then with the proper over doit set up Perhaps 1 can play the scales

He;s advising you check out Howard's site.

or pic up a Chrom but they have diffrent expression

I play both. Chromos definitely have a different 'soul'.

The kayak roll is counter intuitive u learn 2 focus on "the task at hand" and practice/basic fundamentals until musle memory kicks in.

The FIRST thing you learn when taking up kayak is to do a roll. Otherwise you will drown. The reason is that is isn't a matter of IF you capsize, it's a question of WHEN. (Usually the first day). :)

Whats it going 2 take 2 make that reed react /kick out that note?

He's querying as to which method is needed. i:e: waxing or nail polishing the boss or rivet pad, gapping, shaving, arching, lipping, rounding corners, turbo taping, adding wind savers, etc.

how about a new design! File that 1

But then u need 2  be Eddie Gordon
2 play the  thing

Eddie Gordon was at one time generally regarded as one who could do the most things with all harmonicas. He could make them sound like a violin, clarinet, trumpet, etc.


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