Re: [Harp-L] amazin' grace on harp

Hi Rick,

So sorry to hear about your friend passing.

Amazing Grace can be a very emotional song at such 
a time, and your emotions will come out in your
harp playing.

I would definitely stick with 2nd position...
Amazing Grace is one of those songs 'made' for 2nd
position harp.

Personnally, 1st position would be great on a
chromatic, but for me, not on diatonic, compared to
what can be done in 2nd position.

The song isn't 'minor' enough (or at all) for 3rd.

In 2nd utilize all 3 octaves, or at least the low and
middle (I may use the upper to do a downward stepping
pattern lick all the way down to the low octave (and 
possibly back up from the low octave for a finish).

Check out the late great Terry McMillan on YouTube
for inspiration:

Ken H in OH

--- hazcon <hazcon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Guys i need a hand
>                             A very good friend has
> died an i am up for 
> playing it at his memorial concert:
>                            I am Ok with positions 1
> & 2 & 3 and i realize 
> that it isn't a 'hard' tune to play on the Harmonica
> but as of now i can't 
> play in that I have never learnt it.
>  If you had a week or so to learn it what position
> would you choose and/or 
> which position has the max effect?
>                          I am toying with the idea
> of starting in A 
> ,solo,( crossed D Harp)) then segueing into E
> (crossed A harp)whereupon our 
> mate the slide player,(and vocalist) will join in to
> do the song in E to the 
> finish.
>                          Given the emotion this song
> can generate i would 
> love to hear any other Harpers opinion/variation on
> this theme
> Rick
> in NZ 
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