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Thanx for clearing that up  for me. Maybe "Don" had some powerful friends, 
who knows. I was so shocked by  the bad playing in the same room as Jimi Hendrix 
that I just couldn't believe  it. I heard the tape of Jim Morrison playing 
harp (if that is actually him) and  I could forgive him for his bad playing, he 
probably wasn't even aware he was  sounding bad because of the various 
chemicals in his body. But this  guy...........damn!!! He does one on a high pitched 
harp (probably an E harp if  Hendrix was tuned a half step down and playing in 
C) that was especially grating  on my nerves. It's a shame 'cause some of 
those tracks are pretty good.
       I really want to hear "My Friend"  again so I can hear Paul Coruso 
playing some "good" harp to Hendrix's licks.  It's been so long since I heard 
that tune that I can't remember the harp at  all.
         Thanx again
          Biscuitboy  Blues
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As you  noted, Don isn't completely inept.   He does manage to select the  
proper key of harp and
even manages a little position play from time to  time.  And every once in a 
rare while he even
contributes a decent  lick to the musical proceedings.  But what earns Don 
eternal damnation is  his
inability to shut up, even for a moment.   He is apparently  so enamored of 
his own playing that he
plays right on top of some of Jimi's  best solos, completely oblivious to the 
genius he is soiling.
He  never seems to run out of his three ideas or the breath to fuel  them.   
God only knows why
Jimi invited him into the studio and  let him remain there for so many hours. 
  Jimi had an  uncanny
ability to tune Don out, for him it's like Don isn't even  there.   We 
listeners aren't so lucky,
unless you're fortunate  enough to obtain some of the remixed sessions where 
Don's tracks  are
blessedly turned way down or completely erased.


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