[Harp-L] re: Kim Wilson

   You know, Jimmy, it's like the Smokey Joe observation that followed my
post.  Everybody brings a different set of taste buds to the search for the
best pizza or ribs.  There's no way of determining one that wouldn't bring
out a bunch of dissenters.  That's why I would never touch the "Best
Harmonica Player" subject.  I was merely saying that Kim is a player who
should be seen when the opportunity arises.  Kim Wilson isn't everyone's cup
of tea; but if you polled the guys out there right now making a
full-time living blowing blues harp, I suspect he would top quite a few
favorite lists.  I can tell you that Kim tore things up pretty good at his
only S.P.A.H. appearance a few years ago.  He called up Jerry Portnoy, Steve
Guyger, and Curtis Salgado to the stage for the last tune.  A couple of
those guys looked like they were marching towards a date with the electric
   In any event, we lost two great players last year: Paul DeLay and Gary
Primich.  Just my opinion, but everybody who loves blues harmonica work
should get out there and hear the guys who are left because these folks are
not going to last forever.  Including Kim.  As a young man, I was fortunate
enough to be able to catch Muddy, Wolf, Brownie and Sonny, Butterfield, Jr.
Wells, Cotton, Big Walter, Jimmy Rogers and a slew of others numerous
times.  There just isn't any substitute for seeing an artist work live.  I'd
tell people to go out there and hear as many top players as you can and form
your own opinion.  I certainly respect yours and you named three pretty fine
harpists as your favorites.

Mick Zaklan

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