[Harp-L] 25 Standards of the Blues

Adam Gussow's book "Journeyman's Road" has a section on sitting in, and he
gives some guidelines to the prospective harp sitter-inner.  I paraphrase:
"you should have a good grasp of the progressions (12-bar, 8-bar), grooves,
and some familiarity with the 25 best-known blues standards."

He lists grooves:  slow blues, shuffles, endless-boogie vamps, jumps,

He hints at the standards:  "Born in Chicago", "The Thrill is Gone", "Stormy

My questions, not intended to start a religious war, are:

What are examples of the grooves he lists, and other grooves, if any?

What is a good selection of (about) 25 standards?

Try to answer this from the perspective of a bandleader eyeing the guy with
the harp case in his hand who wants to sit in.  What do you want him to


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