Re: [Harp-L] Guitar and Harmonica Club

You might be surprised on the harp players, you can get people to pick up a harmonica that wouldn't consider another instrument. It's just a non-threatening instrument for a beginner. 
I don't know how big of a room you have or whatever, but if you have a whole bunch of people, I'd let them break off in a couple groups. If you don't have space for that to work, I wouldn't worry about it much. 
You'll be playing in G, I assume. I'd have most of the harps playing chords and maybe trade on the solos. You could have some guys playing straight with a G harp, some cross with a C, depending on what they show up with. If some kid shows up with a chromatic, count yourself lucky, even more lucky if you get a bass. I'd make it open to more instruments, a trumpet probably won't do you much good, but if you have a violin player come in, a banjo player, it will add to it. 
Heck you could have a kid with a washboard. They still sell those, they've got them at my local hardware store. 

Give me an idea what you've got in mind and how old the kids are.

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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