[Harp-L] Kim Wilson

   I'm not going to touch the "World's Best Harmonica Player" subject.
Let's just say that if you're a fan of blues harmonica playing; it's never a
bad day when Kim Wilson comes to your town.  On that topic, here's a Wilson
gig that has quietly slipped in under the radar for those of us lucky enough
to live in and around Chicago.  I was on the University of Chicago Folkfest
website ( www.uofcfolk.org) the other day and saw Mr. Wilson listed as part
of the entertainment. Saturday, February 9th is the date.  Not an unusual
booking for the Fest since they usually include a blues act or two every
year in the lineup.  Moreover, in years past, noted harpist Dave Waldman has
helped run the Fest.  I think Dave and Kim are both fans of each other's
playing, so this could have been Dave's idea.
   On that Saturday and Sunday, there are free musical workshops by many of
the performers.  There is an outside chance Kim Wilson might also help out
in that regard, too.  One added note, ace guitarist Billy Flynn will be
playing with Kim.

Mick Zaklan

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