Re: [Harp-L] Hendrix's harp player

I have a CD that a very good buddy of  mine gave me. Actually he gave me 
about 10 of them. (the Warren Haynes is  awesome) but I digress. One of the CD's 
is called Hendrix Ultra Rare Tracks. He  has a harp player on about half of the 
tunes. It sounds like they are just  jamming in the studio with the recorder 
running. Of course everything Hendrix  does is awesome but, and I'll try and 
be kind here and I don't know the  circumstances with the harp player but, man 
it just is wrong. I mean the guy has  pretty good tone and he is using the 
right harp for the keys but, it hurts me to  listen to it. The dude is doing a 
few cool things with the harp, tongue blocking  and playing in 3rd position but 
I keep waiting for him to rip up something and  he doesn't. A lot of the time 
he is just in the way. Do you think Hendrix told  the guy to hold notes and 
for God's sake don't play any cool licks? I hope I  don't hurt any body's 
feelings here, but I'm ultra curious. Who is that harp  player?
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