[Harp-L] Re: Sugar Ray and the Bluetones

If any of you want to hear great, soulful harp playing, pick up Sugar Ray's  
Hands Across the Table CD. I guarantee you will consistently hear different  
phrasing and runs than most of the top players you listen to. This was the most 
 harp he has played on a CD. Plus his singing is off the charts. I strongly  
suggest it. Crazy, sweet playing that you don't hear from any west coast 
player.  Too bad he does not gig more often, as he always puts on a great show, and 
is a  humble, wonderful man. I have had the good fortune to sit in with him 
doing  Cloud Cover which is on my sound samples, that is basic compared to the 
rest of  the CD. And of course I will continue to plug Mitch Kashmar who has 
the gig with  War now, Wake up and Worry was recorded with a little old amp 
like the real guys  did it. One can't enough of his high register uniqueness. 
These are just two of  my favorite Traditional style blues guys, I am not mixing 
them in with  overblowers or anyone else. Last note. Does anyone know if 
Shakin Smith is still  playing and where. The one CD someone sent me of him was 
great, he really TB's  with that sharp, snappy tone. 

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