[Harp-L] Neofite us

Ok just checked out u tube Jason Ricci
I have been down this road  before with Ski Racing
The winners tuned there own equip.
On Totems we used hand made tools
tradesman ect------slow
Gimme me power tools /save time
go 2 the 10 hole site/Howard Levey dvd ect
learn "tricks of trade"
4 tune ups and then with  the proper over doit set up
Perhaps 1 can play the scales
or pic up a Chrom
but they have diffrent expression
The kayak roll is counter intuitive
u learn 2 focus on "the task at hand"
and practice/basic fundamentals
until musle memory kicks in.
Whats it going 2 take 2 make that reed react /kick out that note?
how about a new design!
File that 1
But then u need 2 be Eddie Gordon
2 play the thing

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