[Harp-L] Jason Ricci posts new "How to Overblow/Overdraw" Instruction

Jason's been busy over the holidays, and has put up some great posts of
interest to anyone trying to learn/improve overbends on harp.  I think
the amount of freely available harmonica technique that has been posted
in the past year by guys like Adam Gussow and Jason, amongst others
should bring the global collective harmonica talent up several notches.
I mean, kids in Pakistan, Norway and Zimbabwe are sitting there right
now learning about overblows and stuff!  Holy crap, I've gotta get off
the computer and go practice: these kids are nipping at our heels.   Man
if I had access to this stuff coming up I might have went for this very
gratifying but financially unrewarding music stuff as a career!  Thanks
again for selfless sharing, Jason.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJKiLjBZzEo on overblows
&feature=related  on overdraws

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