[Harp-L] Vaultz Cases 4 Harmonica

On Saturday I went 2 Staples and bought a Vaultz pencil case (because  I 
heard Jason Ricci talking about them on Youtube) for two bucks, and it  is one of 
the coolest case for harps I've ever seen. While I was at  Rockers In the 
Rockies, many people had Hetrick Cases and when I asked Jason if  I should get one 
and he said that the Hetrick cases are really good but making  your own case 
is always cooler. My Vaultz case is definitely that case. First of  all, it 
fits 12 harps or 10 harps (Seydels, marine bands, and special  20's for (low 
keys)) and my slim-x mic on the bottom and there's a small  elastic pouch thing 
on the top where I store a Steve Baker special big  harp or a 12 hole 
chromatic. Secondly, it's pretty light and very  small, about 1/3 the size of my old 
musician's friend briefcase style case.  Plus, I got the last one they had, 
which happened to be in camouflage. Now tell  me, who else has a camouflage harp 
case? So harpers, if you want a harp  case that's compact, spacious and looks 
awesome; I would pickup one of these  beauties ( for only two dollars)!!!

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