[Harp-L] Mics, Amps, etc for sale

I have a number of items for sale.
I am having a mass clearance of gear. It's a dead simple sale. The highest offer gets the item offer was placed on.
The buyer pays all shipping costs and payment is by Paypal only.
I am in the UK so please make your offer in UK pounds (not including shipping).
DOn't ask me a price because I won't give you one. This is sealed bids only.

Ok here's the list.

1 Fender Bassman LTD (less than a year old)
1 HarpGear 5F1 Standard
1 Ensa Festival (all tube PA with speaker cabs but needs 1 new speaker) The amp fits into the speakers and clips together for carrying. About 10 Watts I guess.
1 Shure 545 (complete with 4 pin lead)
1 Shure 545SD (xlr fitting)
1 Shure 540S (with 3 pin lead)
1 Shure Black Label CR element

I will ship the amps in the UK only. Everything else I will ship worldwide.
I will only accept serious offers.


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