[Harp-L] Microtrack Battery Problems

This is a known issue with this model. Apparently Microtrack hasn't
done anything about it. They can do a battery replacement but I don't
know what that costs, and then who knows how long those will last. It
wasn't a problem for me when I first got the unit and used it a lot.
I always kept it charged, since lithium ion batteries prefer that OR
ELSE they will lose their ability to hold a charge!!! This units draw
power even when off, so the battery will drain completely then sit
there dead, and lose its ability to hold a charge. Unfortunately, I
haven't needed to use it for a long time and basically out of sight
out of mind - I let the battery die, so now I get about 30 minutes on
the battery if lucky. It will work with an external power supply of
course, but you should top off the battery before using it. The
battery needs some charge even to use external power. 

The best solution I have heard is an external USB battery pack, of
the type made for Ipods and cell phones. There are several on the
market...here is the one I plan to buy - sounds like it is the best
so far:

This solution is discussed at length in this forum thread:

The Microtrack was the best of all these little field recorders in
its price range in turms of features and, most important to me, ease
of use - one handed without even having to look at the screen. The
battery of course was a deal breaker - but the external battery pack
will give it new life at least for me, so I am not planning on
replacing it.

Remember, when using this external battery pack, start out with  a
fully charged battery (read the forum).

- Robert
(aka RawHarp)

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