[Harp-L] Guitar and Harmonica Club


I am a high school teacher and am in process of starting  a "Guitar and Harmonica Club"

I know there a a lot of harp pros here and teachers so my question is more advice oriented.  

I have been playing a few years and know the basics so I figure that's where I will start, but I am wondering which direction to head in.  My best guess is there will be more guitar players than those who want to learn the harmonica, but I am certain there will be at least a few who have a harp around too and don't know what to do with it.  Sorry for being so vague  but there is not a lot of info can choose from of successful harmonica programs in the schools.

What I can envision before the end of the school year is some sort of jam session at a pep rally, perhaps in early June.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Also, any ideas on instructional material, what kind, etc., etc., etc., 

Please feel free to email me at bluzharpplayer@xxxxxxxxx if you have a suggestion you happen to wish to share privately.

Sincerely, Rob

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