[Harp-L] harp 101 with Kim Wilson

Went to see Kim Wilson play an intimate gig with Johnny Sansone here in New Orleans last night at a club called Chickie Wah Wah.  Seems that it was his birthday, and he came into town to have dinner with Johnny.  They then did the gig.  As is usual here in New Orleans, there were a bunch of Musicians there, including Harp Players.   I counted at least 6 or 7, and that was just the ones I know.  Kim was great, and when he stepped away from the stage, and played with no amplification, you got a taste of just how great he is.  Johnny said he is the greatest living harp player today, and without trying to start another endless debate, I might have to agree with him.   One of the New Orleans musicians summed it up this way!  "We just had a lesson in Harp 101".  I tend to feel it was Harp 1001.  

By the way, Kim said he plays Felisco Harps, and he had quite the set up.   I have some Jimmy Gordons, and I do not think Kim's notes exist on mine.

Great Show

Harvey Berman

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