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BiscuitBoy axed :

Hey groovy guys and groovy chicks, (dark sun  glasses on and snapping fingers) I was looking at info about Gibson's robot  guitar and came across something that said "Hendrix tuning." Does anybody know  what they are talking about? Did Hendrix have a weird tuning that he used? 


Hurricane sez :

Hendrix used drop " D " tuning and also he would tuned his guitar a half step down to Eb and sometimes a whole step to the key of " D "

The reason for a whole step or half step drop is a looooooooooser string setting means for bigger and stronger bends when your really torque down on a note .

The Robot guitar's automatic tuning(s) are a really cool innovation and it's about time it happened to guitars since keyboards have had similar electronic advantages and now new guitar players and players are thinking are wondering 

" what if " 

now for the electric and acoustic guitars .

Other tunings are cool too . Hawaiians are famous for what they came up with with " Slack Key " tuning(s) for the acoustic and slide guitar ( many say slide guitar was invented by the Hawaiians ) and  many different ones too . The Doobie Bros have a excellent song called : 

" Slack Key Soquel " 

is a great example of this variation applied to the Doobie's guitar skills :)

Led Zep did too and  many many more have used them , this thing is well know THANG to really serious guitar musicians , it's not something new at all .

My dream is a harmonic with similar tunings in one harp with the diatonic electronically  . We all know a chromatic does it, they has multiple tunings in different keys already .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon

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