[Harp-L] Re: diaphragm vibrato - keep your pants on!

This discussion re-raises the fact we're all built differently and often have to do things differently to replicate similar sounds.

As a young kid I was taught how to "pant" like a dog, (for a youth theater production) using my gut, I guess actually my diaphragm, or upper-stomach, whatever, and it's the same method I use for what I always called my "gut vibrato." 

I sure ain't as svelte as Jason but when I use my gut vibrato my midsection, i.e., upper belly/lower chest, I guess right around the diaphragm, visibly vibrates.

 Anyway, for me the "dog-panting" exercise remains a good route to a deep, tonally neutral vibrato that works blowing or drawing, and doesn't affect note-bends. 

Try it: pant like a pooch, then use the same muscle-work while consistently drawing or blowing.  YMMV, but it works for me.   

-Dave Fertig

ps: sorry, I couldn't resist the hook title, okay, go ahead and take your pants off!

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