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You have to admit Harp Depot is a very weird website, with the seeming myriad of websites that all sell harmonicas.  What is even more confusing is when you try to buy something from one of those sites.  I ordered 2 harmonicas and 1 CD back on 22 Dec 07.  You would think that the statement about delivery in 1 to 6 days meant something.  It does not.

I was actually able to talk to someone at the company the other day.  He said the CD was back ordered, would I like the harmonicas sent anyway?  Well, YES, of course I want the harmonicas sent.  And by the way Harp Depot, thanks for telling me about the backorder (after I called you).

I think we need to get the word out to people that want to buy harmonicas online, that if you want one in any thing approaching a timely manner, avoid Harp Depot in all its various incarnations.
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