[Harp-L] Michalek's tongue vibrato (was throat vibrato)

I think i may have found the post i was asking for.  It was from Sept.  2004, 
i believe.  Anyway, here is what i found.  I also read a post  where our 
Michelle referred to hearing Chris' terrific vibrato on samples  available at 
Chris' website.  Is that still available?
ron - see below
Here is the info, excerpted from Chris's post of Thu, 23 Sep 2004, entitled  
"Tongue Vibrato and Howard Levy": 
the vibrato you speak of is a classical style vibrato; Violin,  cello,
vocals etc...  The easiest way to learn is through singing.   Most
people have the ability to produce a tone and then vary it in  pitch.
I suggest try singing first - a note not a song.

When I teach  others I try to get them to whistle a tone and then add
vibrato - that is  EXACTLY the same action that is inside my mouth.

Muscle memory?  I  don't know. I know I don't have to think about
doing it and when I play, I  don't think to add vibrato to a certain
note.  It just comes out.   Of course I can be intentional about it if
that's the effect I  want.

As for me personally, I can't roll my tongue. I can do a belly  flop
but not a belly wave. However my belly does jiggle if aggitated.  I
think you maybe over analysing the vibrato thing.  Take a step  back
and focus on yourself as a musician instead what the tongue is  doing.
Learn to do it musically without the harp and it will come  lickity

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