[Harp-L] diaphragm vibrato

Jonathan Metts wrote:
The only vibrato that sounds different to  me is that of Chris Michalek.  His 
vibrato takes place mostly in the lips  and front part of the mouth, like 
bending a note when whistling.  I can  imitate this method to an extent, but not 
nearly as smoothly as Chris does  it.  That probably requires years and years 
of practice, but it's worth  it.  The sound resembles that of a violin's slow, 
sweeping vibrato, and  it's a hallmark of Chris's sound.
Years ago in a harp L thread on vibratos, Chris explained how he did  his 
version.  I tried to find it in the archives but failed.  Can  anyone tell me how 
to get it or can someone re-post it to the list?   tia.

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