[Harp-L] diaphragm vibrato

The holy grail?  Maybe, in that many people say they do it, few actually do.  I have met many people who, when I test them,  are doing standard throat vibrato.  I have met around 10 people  who have a diaphram vibrato that sounds terrible in comparison with the standard throat vibrato sound, imo.  
  Both Gary Primich and Jason Ricci have shown me they get a mixture of throat vibrato and diaphragm vibrato.  Both told me (as far as I recall, Jason) they cannot separate the two techniques.  Perhaps that is how Gary got his very quick vibrato.
  I cornered Adam Gussow at the last SPAH literally as he was checking out of the hotel.  He is the only person I have ever met who can separate the throat and the diaphragm vibrato.  There is unquestionably a great difference in tone and the diaphragm vibrato is SUPERCOOL however, no cooler than a throat vibrato per se, just different.  
  As far as I understand Gussow's lesson, it can only occur during the inhale.  It can occur during bends.  He uses it mostly on the low notes, holes 1 and 2.  Draw in pulses of air in a steady rhythm, with each pulse push out with your diaphragm.  After a while it becomes a muscle memory situation and smooths itself out.
  As usual, I came away from SPAH with a list of around 6 things I wanted to practice.  As usual, I practiced all 6 for about a month, narrowed it down to 2 things I am more obsessed about and dropped practicing everything else including diaphragm vibrato.  I am still alive though, so the story ain't over yet!
  Michael Rubin

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