[Harp-L] Re: diaphragm vibrato

The only person I've seen do it is Jason Ricci.  At the last Rockers in the Rockies, he lifted his shirt so that you could actually watch his belly undulate with the vibrato.  It looks like a great workout -- maybe that's how he stays so skinny?  In any case, he said that he doesn't know how to teach the method, and considering all the other secrets he gives away at these seminars, I believe him.  But I can't really hear the difference between throat and diaphragm vibrato.  The only vibrato that sounds different to me is that of Chris Michalek.  His vibrato takes place mostly in the lips and front part of the mouth, like bending a note when whistling.  I can imitate this method to an extent, but not nearly as smoothly as Chris does it.  That probably requires years and years of practice, but it's worth it.  The sound resembles that of a violin's slow, sweeping vibrato, and it's a hallmark of Chris's sound.

Jonathan Metts

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