[Harp-L] Re: Wes Weston

THANKS for posting the Wes Weston clip:

Wes Weston is a monster player! I've been on that spot at Nothin' But the Blues in London on a Monday jam night a few years back. One of my all time blues harp highlights playing there for a packed audience of really apreciative blues fans. 

As far as the clip... I only wish we could see more of the lovely female dancer..... I mean... Wes' amp and his cupping technique. Yeah, that's what I meant. 

How many of you harp players have had the joyous good fortune of a front row female dancer bringing your playing to new heights? Not just dancing with someone else in front of the band, but doing almost a call & response, one on one dance with you while you play? 

Any other Americans ever get the feeling that audiences outside the US appreciate blues more than US audiences these days? 

Andy Vincent
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