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Only know of Matyas- the hungarian harmonicist.

Quote from Planet Harmonica
"Blues Fools - Fools in the Blues
It is very surprising to see how far reaching some American harp players have been. It's certainly the case of William Clarke whose influence can be heard in the playing of many harpers outside the US. Matyas Pribojszki, the harp player from Hungary's leading blues band, the "Blues Fools" certainly ackowledges that influence and even includes a tribute instrumental to Clarke called Mattack ! on this CD. Pribojszki has a throaty, earthy amplified sound that fits the West Coast style of this record well. It isn't amazingly original music by US standards, but it's as good as any of the other West Coast harp players out there. My only regret is that I would have loved to hear a blues sung in Hungarian. Not on this record ! - BF"

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