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Well, I am glad that I got my harps from Joe before his semi-retirement!

They are GREAT!? Esp. with the wood combs.? Nice .............................!


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Congratulations Joe!!!!!!!! 

I admire you for making your stand about this.  Your harps are loved in this 
business and that creates a large demand and that creates a HUGE demand on your 

I have been a slave to my work for nearly 15 years, so much so that it has 
become to define "ME".  It's no longer what I do, it's what I've become.  I 
simply wished I could make the same committment to "owning your life".  HOLD 
YOUR GROUND.  When you are good at what you do, the customers will still want 
what you do and will remain happy to get their harps on your time schedule.  

I've never met anyone on their death bed and state with their very last 
breath.........."I wished I had more time left to work"

Great job Joe........


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