RE: 59726 [Harp-L] New chromatic help Dusty Dave

Hello Dusty Dave and Happy New Years to you.

that really brother you when you get a new harp right out of the box
and wham no cooperation from it!  These are just suggestions, the reeds
8 & 9 may need some breaking in or some gaping to be done to them. 
Now you can return it and all the time that it will take to get either
a replacement for it or you can gap them if that is the problem with
them.  Now they may have other issues such as improper placement or
wrong reeds being used.  Outside those issues they just may need a
patient and gentle help to get into proper gap so that they will
response to you. sells a cheaply price book on how to work
on a chromatic harmonica and you can do a search on their site for it.
There are a few videos out there that show how to do that work.  There
are three sites that I can think of that show how to gap the harp, (chromatic & diatonic site, very good!), (playing diatonic chromatically very good), diatonic
harmonica reference, and harp on for chromatic harps.  Their links are and (diatonic).  You can google  them
if these links give you trouble.  These are really good places to check
out if only to just understand what is going on inside that harp.  Lets
us know how these sites work out for you. I got a couple of chromatic
harps, although, I play diatonic more.  

Best to you

--- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, David Smith <dustydave38@...> wrote:
> Happy New Year to all you harpers out there.
> I got my first chromatic for Christmas; a Hohner CX12. I am having  
> trouble with draw 8 and 9.
> Using my usual tongue blocking technique, I can't get any sound out  
> of them. If I use a pucker
> embouchure, I can get some sound out of them, but not as loud as I  
> think they should be. I'm
> thinking the difference is the variation in air flow between the two  
> techniques.
> Is this something that can be easily fixed by myself, or should I  
> send the harp back for replacement?
> Thanks for any advice.
> Dusty Dave
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