[Harp-L] Wes Weston

In reply to Miguel Weissman's request to more info on this player-Steve 'West' Weston is very well known here in the U.K.He is a friend of mine.
He is a top class player in the classic Chicago style.He is influenced by all of the old masters and also rates Kim Wison and William Clarke very highly.You can find some good clips on YouTube by searching West Weston and Mud Morganfield.He is aged forty something,has been playing harmonica for probably about twenty five years and also plays piano.
Steve also makes up custom Marine Bands which I and just about every other serious U.K player use.They are about $70 each.If you message him through the MySpace link Miguel provided he will provide details.He is using these harps himself on all the audio video samples of him on the net.
I am using them on my own MySpace music,
Hope this helps,

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