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My first tube preamp was a kit from PAiA called the Tube Head.  I bought it not because it was cheap or that I could build it myself, but because I was impressed by the design.  It, too, incorporated the solid state and tube preamp sections with the blend control.  This device is my workhorse, and I love it.  I set up the two channels to be tonally different from each other and use an A/B switch to punch in and out of the different sounds.  When I bought the VTB-1 I was looking for something that would do the same things, but that I wouldn't have to build!  I haven't been disappointed.  I've tried a couple of other tube preamps, mostly the inexpensive ART models, but I really prefer my Studio Projects.

"G. E. Popenoe" <gpopenoe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I was wondering about the VTB 1. Glad to get a report on it.

The best thing is that it is affordable.


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On Jan 3, 2008, at 6:32 PM, "Tim Moyer" 

> G. E. Popenoe wrote:
>> One respondent to my inquiry indicated that only a guitar preamp
>> section in a tube head will do if you want a fat bluesy sound.
>> Otherwise a tube mic preamp will just warm up your sound ....
>> which isn't a bad thing in general.
> There's always someone who wants to say there's only one way to
> get "that sound".
> The tube preamps that I prefer are ones that have both a solid state
> and tube preamp sections with a "blend" control to set the amount
> tube used in the signal. They will also have an input (gain)
> control and an output control. I don't know specifically whether
> the ART Studio MP model that was discussed has those features. I
> use a Studio Projects VTB-1.
> The secret is to find the right combination(s) of input level
> (gain), tube/solid state blend and output level to drive whatever
> your final amplification source is going to be. I generally set the
> tube saturation pretty high, but don't like to drive it too far into
> clipping. The output control will determine how much you send
> downstream to the amplifier, PA, or whatever is boosting your
> signal. With a setup like this, assuming there's a PA already
> there, I can load in in one trip with just a shoulder bag containing
> harps, wireless receiver, tube preamp, microphone, and a number of
> cables to accommodate whatever I need to connect to.
> I don't use a bullet mic either.
> -tim
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