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It's funny to me that in reading these reviews of the latest trend in
portable recording, they always mention something like the following:

"The optional exclusive wireless remote controller allows users to start and
stop the recording of the LS-10 from a distance. This is ideal for live
performances when the LS-10 can be placed near the stage and activated from
several rows back."

I can't really see this happening on a large scale. Say, for instance, there
are more than one concert attendees that wish to record. Surely in a
classical setting, it may be safe, when the audience is somewhat refined,
cultured, self-controlled. But the louder and/or more cantakerous the
audience, one would imagine the higher incidence of theft of a readily
available and pricey recorder sitting all on its lonesome up near the stage,
when the owner is sitting farther towards the rear of the auditorium
diddling with the remote. Heck, he may even capture the sounds of the
thieves laughing their heads off and calling him a real dumbass while they
run down the alley with the little gem.

Then, multiply that by more and more people wanting to do this, to record
the set, and there ends up a whole row of these thingies sitting unwatched
in front while the owners are sitting elsewhere.

Maybe if it becomes even more popular, there will be rental space up front
for personal recorders, and the attendees can just stay home, and send armed
guards to keep an eye on their stuff. Hmmm,,,that's a gig I'd be interested
in. Professional recorder guard.

I dunno,,


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> FYI, there's a new Olympus recording gadget in the market. $399.99 (U.S.)
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