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I enjoyed you blog.  The Cock a doodle doodle doo was
fun.  The kids were having a great time.

Auld Lang Syne:

I'm pretty new at this harmonica business.  I've let
others make music for me for too long.  So, a month
ago I bought a diatonic and began making noises.

You've hit on something with your breathing control

I turned 70 last autumn, but "I'm in pretty good
condition for the shape I'm in," as one person
described me. :-) I still ride a bike, do push ups and
setups to keep my blood moving from point a to point
b.  And I quit smoking 40 years ago.

When I started making noises with this little
harmonica I discovered my lungs weren't as clear as I
had thought them to be.  


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