Re: [Harp-L] Questions of a technical nature

Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A tube preamp is a wonderful thing.  You can use it to get
overdriven, tube amp tone from solid state amplifiers or PAs, or to
fatten up the sound of a tube amp that you can't really crank up for
one reason or another.

this is mostly for tim, but i'd be happy to hear from others.

i recently got an ART MP preamp.  sweet little device.  i got it
to solve a problem i've had with getting decent output from my
audix>samson airline>digitech chain.  works great for that, but
i'm intrigued by the notion of using the audix into the preamp
into a PA, for when i'm traveling light.

the MP has a gain control, an output control, a gain range selector,
and an output limiter.  i wonder if you could expand on how you'd set
this up, for various purposes, but especially for getting overdriven
sound playing through a PA.

also, when i use this with the igitech, i'm using it between the
digitech and the PA.  is this the best way to set it up?

finally, i keep hearing the term "warm up the sound".  can someone
spell out just what this means, in terms of the signal?  i'm a
software guy, don't know nuthin' 'bout no tubes, ya know?

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