[Harp-L] TASCAM Porta02 mkII

Sure, digital stuff can be more flexible and produce better recordings.

Tape is easy.  You've probably used cassettes for a few decades now.
That machine is top-notch and bulletproof.
Tape clips more gracefully than digital.  I can't tell you how many of my
field recordings of my wife's and my son's bands have been ruined by poor
gain control on my part using digital recorders.

My wife is a choir director, and some of her people don't read music, so
when they did the Hallelujah chorus, she recorded piano and her Soprano on
track 1, her own voice Alto on track 2, her own voice Tenor on track 3, and
her own voice Bass (octave up) on track 4.

I then burned a CD containing the full SATB mix, plus part mixes (S only,
S+A, S+T, and S+B), so her people could hear their part with piano and
Soprano for reference.

As a side benefit, I have a copy of the Hallelujah chorus featuring my wife
on all 4 parts...

My son did the same sort of thing playing 2 guitar leads, bass, and drums.

It's a fun little machine.

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