[Harp-L] RE: How do you break through a wall?

G'day all,

I've been seriously lurking on this list for some time (I know about the
anti bacterial properties of a kitchen cutting board if that gives you any
indications of how long)

And I could not resist replying to this one. Perhaps this is part of my new
year's breaking old patterns myself. I have thought about this very subject
a lot as I play several instruments and have all the time constraints of a

Firstly someone said (and I don't know who) 'The pursuit of excellence
leaves no time for the pursuit of wisdom.'  I believe that the most
significant improvements in musical awareness happen though something other
than just technical advancement. 

Secondly I believe the 'rut' or 'flat patch' or 'wall' IS actually the best
time of the greatest advancement. The sudden awareness that what you have
been happily playing up until then is stale and awareness of what you need
to do to go further. Yahoo!! That feeling of not getting anywhere is just a
trick of perception. I am more wary of the times when I feel like I can do
no wrong.


Thanks to all of your posts they have been a great read and I will keep
trying to overblow until I realy get it.

Regards Chris Canning (Melbourne Australia)

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