Re: [Harp-L] Sealing wood combs, now stain

This subject has come up many times thru the years and i thought it was accepted here that salad bowl finish (comes in a spray can) was the best method.? Yes, heating wax is dangerious. G's excellent harp site prob. covers it, as he burned himself terrible with the beeswax process.?
??Dave, why bother with using a stain?? Does that have a practicle?purpose or is it purely cosemetic?
ron (in NJ from FL for the holidays)
  It's purely cosmetic. I only do the sides and back that are exposed. I do not stain anywhere near the comb teeth, because the stain will warp. I sand it all down to bare wood, so I'm not going over a factory finish, I'm making a new finish. 
Dave Payne Sr. 
  Elk River Harmonicas 

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