[Harp-L] Re:Gus

"steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <swebb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm with JR, Gus is as Gus does. If somebody is really named 
> Gus ( and I have a cousin named Gus), then he will just have 
> to grin and bear it. 
> Now, I have never "Gus'ed" anyone, but I have come close. I 
> have, however, been Gus'ed a couple of times. 
> Nay, I say. Gus is always out there lurking. Even though he 
> has not reared his ugly head recently on Harp-L, we know he's 
> up there at the end of the bar, a six-pack in his belly and 
> an old C Marine Band in his pocket.
> Let's not wake him.
> Steve Webb in Minnesota

Someone playing a Marine Band in the key of C or any other harmonica in any key isn't necessarily a nuisance. In most cases harp is added value to most music genres. Let the Guses do their thing when there are enough of "vocalits" and guitar players who think they are Elvis or Hendrix. Having said that, I of course prefer to listen to professional harp players.


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