[Harp-L] Spiers custom harps

Greetings harpcats,

I've stopped taking most orders, for several different reasons. Existing orders will continue to be delivered on schedule. In the future I plan to make harmonicas available as "ready to go" only, but only available if your playing style matches the available harmonicas (get that?). I would also like to attend my first SPAH this year, and maybe I'll have some with me.

I want to enjoy life instead of working so much (I have a day job). I plan to build myself a set of harps, seriously woodshed, play out, and actually have a social life (meet chicks). I also recently got an archtop and am going to learn how to play it. In the past I studied vocally, and want to head back that direction too. And the list could go on much longer. I can't do these things as long as someone has a harmonica ordered- having their deposit money makes them a priority in my responsible mind (and theirs).

Thanks to those on the list who've supported me, and happy new years to all of you!

Joe Spiers

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