Re: [Harp-L] blues on chromatic - in all keys!

Hi All.

I play blues in whatever key they make me play it in. For Jazz, it is usually C (C min), G (Gmin), F (Fmin) and Bb (Bb min). For the conventions I play in E, A D and every once in a while on a gig in Eb - all major and minor. I also go through the Aebersold "Blues in All Keys". I know I have played major and minor in all 12 keys at one time in my life.

In the end, you need to feel comfortable enough with the blues progressions - both major and minor - to be able to play whatever they ask. Some people feel more inspired by a new key. Frankly, I would be more inspired by a new car ;-).


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Are there players who play blues
on one chromatic - in several (all?) keys?

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